Brick and Tile

  • HMK Ltd has developed material and hardening specification to enable the production of roof tile cropping knives. These knives will cover the entire range of roof tiles from ridge tiles to complicated forms such as double roman.

  • The knives are manufactured in a carbon tool steel and hardened to a defined tolerance to ensure maximum toughness and wear resistance. In trials our knives have out performed those supplied by OEM by five to one.

    To compliment this range of knives we also manufacture various Tungsten Carbide wear parts used on the tile manufacturing lines for example Vortex Hydra and Abece.

  • The environment surrounding the making of bricks and roof tiles presents us with a special challenge. The materials used to make these items are abrasive in the extreme, and demand that the knives and wear parts employed are made only from materials of the highest quality. HMK have over the years worked very closely with the research and development departments of this industry, and have developed a range of highly specialised Tungsten Carbide and Carbon Tool Steel based products to cope with this very demanding process.

  • If you think that your manufacturing process could benefit from the application of these unique developments, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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