• Tungsten Carbide is an extremely versatile, highly wear resistant material. Over the past fifty years it has been introduced into almost every industrial processing or machining operation undertaken.

    From the smallest ball in the end of a ball point pen, through to spraying nozzles, machine knives, woodworking bits, metal cutting and forming tips to complicated progression press tooling. There are few items in today’s world that have not had some association with Tungsten Carbide tooling in its manufacturing process.

  • Sometimes it may be necessary to utilize a different hardwearing material for specific applications. It is possible for us to supply products made from ceramics, if component weight and mass are critical. Or from pure Tungsten if material density, rather than hardness, is the decisive factor.

    If you have any machine parts that you have to replace on a regular basis due to wear, then please do not hesitate to contact us for a wear solution for you.